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About me

It's not easy being squeaky.


Heya! I'm Blum (or SqueakyBlum). I've been a member of the furry fandom for nearly two decades and I like to spend my time making that everyone else's problem.

I make videos on YouTube about all kinds of things, many of them about the furry subculture and its quirks. Outside of furry I'm an avid enjoyer of vidya games, such as Fall Guys and Spelunky 2. I also love anime, movies, and slowly bringing about the end of the Universe by making God cry with cursed content.

Over time, the fact that I'm a weirdo furry who's into weirdo furry things (like diapers and inflation) became something of an open secret among my audience. I've had many fans write to me and tell me that I've made them feel comfortable with their own weirdness by me simply existing on YouTube without being ashamed. I eventually decided to fully own my past and become "SqueakyBlum" to help others.

I enjoy being an icon that's open and honest about being a weirdo; I don't want it to be the core focus of my channel or its content, but I have fun with it and my fans seem to appreciate it. Some people need to see that it's okay to be gay, and others need to see that it's okay to be squeaky. Being ashamed of yourself SUCKS and we need to end that!

Design Notes

My character is a small brownish-green wolf made of rubber latex. He survives exclusively on a diet of pizza, fried chicken, and Monster energy drink (which is in turn converted into energy and rubber polish). This is canon. He needs to consume the Colonel's seductive spices to maintain a healthy sheen.

My black armband is an anti-pedophile symbol that expresses my belief that convicted child sex offenders (such as Siskmarek and Growly) have no place in the furry subculture. It's also an open invitation for ex-members of the Furry Raiders to easily remove all references to Foxler's group from their artwork should they leave. Anyone is free to incorporate this armband into their OC design.

My vest patches include the icon of Ares, an emulator developed by my late friend Near. Below that is the logo of a furry hate group that I took over and shut down. On the other side of the vest is a Gadsden (libertarian) flag and an ABDL Pride flag. I enjoy those two flags being side by side. It's very silly.