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Chat room

Who doesn't love a good pizza?

I run a private Telegram group for my friends and fans. Sometimes we chill and share memes, other times we talk about serious topics (like politics or drama). A few times a month, I run a movie or game night on my day off. It's a lot of fun.

Culture-wise we're anti-woke and anti-extremism. We're pro-liberty but also anti-bigotry. Sanity like this is hard to come by these days, especially in furry circles.


I work two jobs and I don't have time to babysit a public chat anymore. Please get referred by an existing member (have them DM me) or donate at least $1 to gain access.

One you have done either of these, request to join VIA this link.


  • No minors.
  • No not promote violence against any person or group of people.
  • Do not share peoples' private info (dox) without their consent.
  • Do not screenshot or forward messages out of the chat.
  • Don't post porn/NSFW for the sake of posting porn/NSFW. It should be funny or relate to the topic at paw.


Shit opinions (like bigotry and extremism) are allowed, but we will mock your tiny brain if you bring that in here.

I reserve the right to ban you for any reason at any time. I also reserve the right to refuse you entry for any reason.