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Frequently Asked Questions

He's contemplating the meaning of the universe.

Why did you start making YouTube videos?

Our community has this problematic reliance on a doxing and harassment website called the Kiwi Farms for information regarding furry drama news, bewares et cetera.

I saw this as a problem that needed solving. Thus, I wanted to provide an alternative that is focused on facts (instead of harassment and entertainment). This took the form of Furry Drama Recap.

What's with the armband?

My armband displays a crossed out MAP (pedophile) symbol. It is meant to symbolize that I am against pedophilia. It's also a good litmus test to see who values clout over child welfare, as such people will call it out regardless of its meaning. Feel free to add it to your own OC!

Who is your hero?

If I had to nail this down to one person, probably ProJared. His career was maliciously attacked by a vicious and abusive woman. He was cancelled. It was done. And yet, he managed to completely resurrect his reputation and beat cancel culture by collecting receipts and coming forward with the truth.

What would you change about yourself if you could?

I wish I had enough willpower to produce videos super consistently for my viewers!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The ability to transform in my fursona, obviously. I could ask for any number of things that could make me unfathomably rich but I just wanna be a cute rubber wolf tbh.

Why are you squeaky/ABDL/etc?

I wish I knew. Human sexuality is a weird thing, and I was encouraged to go wild with it as a teenager back in the day of furry IRC servers.

It's all harmless, though. And I think it's fun to show it off. I love getting a reaction out of people with it, and it helps others feel like maybe they're not so weird if they see me acting like a goof (and not caring what people think).

What is your favorite kind of french fry?

Crinkle cut, of course!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

On a forested piece of land with Starlink Internet, solar, and plumbing etc in some lovely little cabin. That's actually my long term goal: upload videos for a living and live out in the wilderness.

What really makes you angry?

People that insist on spreading misinformation that they know is false. They prey on peoples' trust and biases in order to gaslight others into attacking the innocent. They are scum.

What is your biggest fear?

That I won't live long enough to see my dreams through to the end. I've thought about this a lot recently, and it's why I've decided to take better care of my health.

What makes you laugh the most?

I enjoy watching my haters come up with new copes about me. I'll often read them out loud to my friends in a group voice call with a very serious voice and we'll lose our collective shit.

Are you a neo-Nazi/child molester/heroin dealer/etc?

I have been the recipient of all kinds of fun and hilarious defamation not only because I am an ABDL content creator, but also because I took over and deleted a huge nazifur group for fun back in 2019.

One troll even went as far as to groom a teenager into hitting on me while lying about his age, just so he could manufacture pedo libel to suicide bait me with. That's been going on for 5+ years now.

If you want to enjoy my content, you need to understand that I have a lot of enemies that enjoy lying about me as a form of harassment.

But don't you eat children?

Okay that one is true.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Making 4K rantsona videos about conspiracy theories while an increasingly large number of haters mald over it.

Are you homeless?

I was homeless for 4 months during the beginning of 2020. This was a direct consequence of Antifa furries figuring out where I worked and lying to my employer of the time in order to get me fired.

It took a long time, but I have recovered from this. Currently, I work 45-50 hours a week between two jobs and volunteer once a week for the same shelter that helped me out back then.